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Why is it so important?

Vitamin C is essential for the body because it helps the creation of the extracellular matrix where the cells of the body are held together.

Human beings are born with a congenital genetic defect which is the inability to synthesize vitamin C.

That means that daily we must eat fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meat from animals that can synthesize vitamin C.

Others, as in the case of vegetarians (vegans) or other restrictive or unbalanced diets, must supplement Vitamin C in tablets, capsules, or powders dissolved in water so that the body can have the necessary amount for its synthetic functions.

The lack of Vitamin C causes us to age prematurely and causes tooth loss , wrinkles, and bone fragility.

To keep a good doses of Vitamin C, good quality of life, and to keep our energy to last longer, it is necessary to do treatments with Vitamin C in high doses supervised by a professional; which will bring us a good health level.

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