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NUTRACEUTICALS FACTORY is committed to excellence in safety and quality control.  Our manufacturing process follows strictly the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).  Nutraceuticals Factory is an FDA-registered facility and GMP Certified. Every step of our manufacturing process and quality control system is rigorously inspected and evaluated to comply with all regulations.

Our Quality Control system starts from qualifying our vendors that meet our strict quality criteria and ensure that the best raw material is put into production.  It then continues throughout all aspects of the production line: testing raw materials to guarantee their compliance with superior quality and through the in-process testing, mixing and equipment validations to final product testing, evaluation and results. We have special infrared equipment to run metal control as part of our quality control and biological testing of all our products.

Petri Dishes

Our high-quality control standards ensure a higher quality for all of your products. 

We are proud of our Quality Control Team!

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