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You know your business.
Let us take care of the manufacturing of your line of products.

As a brand owner, your main asset is your brand name, and customer fidelity is built on great results from top quality products with high bioavailability and nutritional standards which is our specialty.

NUTRACEUTICALS FACTORY offers hundreds of formulations that we can produce for you and add your label.  Also, we may develop custom formulations with our Product Development Department for a new line of products under your brand name or we can manufacture custom formulations of your own. 

NUTRACEUTICALS FACTORY has lower minimum orders than most of the manufacturers in the marketplace. This helps new brand owners to get started on a private labeling product line without having to incur large amounts of costs or run market tests.

NUTRACEUTICALS FACTORY is the right choice to top brands of dietary supplements that need a reliable manufacturer to create or expand their product line.

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