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Our professional team is what makes the difference. We create the best products and work with you to advise you on your formulations and products.


Every actor in the marketplace claims to be the best but you have to have the best professionals running the business to be the best.


The professionals working at NUTRACEUTICALS FACTORY have been permanently consulted and hired by leading actors in the whole industry as independent consultants whether to get in place FDA regulations and Quality and Safety Systems or get GMP certifications, State Food and Cosmetic Manufacturing Permits, Organic and Kosher Certifications, Exports Documentations, to name some. Our scientists and formulation and flavor specialists are being looked for by the most demanding companies in the market when they know the quality we can deliver.

As a dietary supplements brand owner or purchasing manager, you look for a manufacturer that can deliver quality products at a competitive price, professional service and delivery on time. To accomplish that, the most important factors are the professionals in charge and the systems implemented in that factory. At NUTRACEUTICALS FACTORY we have it all and we are proud of that.

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